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Learning articles

A great surprise

Claudia visited us at school and her classmates asked her about her new life in Dubai.


Spelling Bee

This is the third year we've done this English Competition. It consists of spelling words without mistakes. If the time finishes, we have to spell as many words we can in one minute. The person who spells the most words wins.

This year, the winner from "Ciclo Medio" is Oriol Dalmases and from "Ciclo Superior" is Sandra Andrés.

The school finalists will participate in Madrid on April 17th against other national winners.
In Madrid, students must spell the words from the current spelling list.
The best speller of these words, will be the winner.

By Sandra Andrés.

Have fun and good luck from the teachers.


On 17th April, Oriol Dalmases (4th grade) and Sandra Andrés (6th grade) went to the IV Final Amco Spelling Bee in Madrid.
There were more than 110 kids from 52 schools in Spain and more than 600 spectators!(parents, friends and teachers).

The final was full of joy, motivation and lots of nerves!
The pupils have learned about 150 words in a fun way, using it in a context and knowing the meaning.
We´ve been preparing in the school for a long time!
Oriol placed 10th and Sandra was placed 3rd! But just the 1st and 2nd win a prize.
Congratulations to Sandra and Oriol!
You did excellent work!!!





Spelling their names

Here are some 5th graders spelling their names using sign language. They do it really good!


Kids love their families!

These adorable first graders are introducing their families. Great job!’


P4. Learning the senses from the scratch!

In this brand new unit we started using the sense of hearing. For this activity we used a tin box and objects from the class which the teacher hided inside. They had to develop their sense in order to discern what was in the box. It was very difficult to figure it out!


New technologies to learn the senses

We also use new technologies to learn the senses. We used the screen in order to guess what can we see or read and what can we smell, taste, touch and hear as well. Taking advantage of the Interactive Whiteboard is great!



In P3, children have just started learning how to manage the daily routine just like Silvia and Morgan. They are becoming awesome "Miniteachers" and doing great so far!



In P3, children have just started learning how to manage the daily routine just like Silvia and Morgan. They are becoming awesome "Miniteachers" and doing great so far!



In P5 we are learning the senses and this time we had to taste! We tried the flavor of some sugar, salt, lemon juice and...a pinch of coffee! Yucky! We finally came to the conclusion that sugar was sweet, salt and popcorn were salty, the lemon juice was sour and coffee was bitter!


Christmas Bingo!

It's bingo time!!! We really enjoyed this Christmas activity and the winners got Amco dollars....wow!!!!


Mini Teacher

Every day one child is the "Mini Teacher" in the classroom. He asks about the weather and who is in the classroom today.


Skeleton dance

If you ask the first graders for their favorite Halloween song, they will answer "Skeleton Dance" beyond doubt.

It's Halloween time

They are painting a drawing and learning new vocabulary. Isn't it fun?

We work better when we work together. We must help each other to do a great team.


On these days, P3,P4 and P5 were receiving the new books of English.

In P3, a robot called Tico was really happy to meet the little ones. They had to touch its nose and say thank you to him while they were gifted with the new book. Afterwards, we danced Halloween songs. We had so much fun!

n P4 they had to dance a Halloween song all together and in P5 they had to solve a jigsaw in groups, in order to look for the books because... they were hidden somewhere! We were all very excited!


Learning the alphabet!

In P5 we are beginning to learn the alphabet. This is one of the exercises that we did in class! Good job!